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For your Discord community, Nance is a helpful governance bot. It is configured with channels and roles to make sure you can:

  • keep everyone updated on what is going on.
  • create the appropriate space for discussions as soon as proposals are created.
  • Make governance attention lighter and more predictable for members.

To set up our bot, you need to be an admin in your server and it is recommended you have an appropriate channel where your proposal discussions will live.



Nance's bot will message your server for the following cases:

  • Creates discussion threads or forum posts for new proposals
  • Posts Diff messages whenever proposals are edited
  • Create emoji reaction votes for temperature check on early stage proposals
  • Sends alerts for new proposals, updates on the governance cycle and vote reminders
  • Sends alerts after votes to show new approved proposals
  • Has Opt-in "Governance role" so members can choose to get tagged and stay up to date.