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Nance can publish proposals to your Snapshot space. The easiest way to set this up is during space creation:

Snapshot space creation

Search for your Snapshot space and click Add Nance as author. Note: you must be the owner or moderator of the Snapshot space to add Nance as an author.

This will prompt you to sign a transaction that modifies your space settings, adding Nance as an author and sending the changes to the Snapshot API.

The address that Nance uses to author posts is 0x50e70c43a5dd812e2309eacea61348041011b4ba aka gnance.eth

If you need to add Nance as an author manually follow these steps:

  1. Go to your space settings

  2. Go to the Members tab

  3. Add the Nance address as an author: 0x50e70c43a5dd812e2309eacea61348041011b4ba

Proposals uploaded by Nance will look like this: